1. Describe to us what you want
Tell us your ideas! Shirts, Hoodies, Pants, Shorts, sizes, colors, and quantities are some of the information we need.

2. Artwork
Are we designing the art? Are you submitting the art? We can work with almost any image. If you are submitting vector or psd files, please look at our art requirements. If you have it scribbled on a napkin, that works too. We can recreate your masterpiece for a nominal fee!

3. Get a Quote
Now that we know which product you like, how much of it you need, and the art you want on it, a custom quote can be made!

4. You Pay, We Start
This is the handshake. Once we’ve agreed on the products to be made and the cost to produce them, then we’ll ask for a 50% deposit on the order. After that we will immediately get started on the art process!

5. We Send You Mockups
Our talented artist will design a realistic mockup for each of your ideas. We take this step very seriously, and we want you to as well. Edits can still be made in this part of the process, so if something doesn’t look quite right then please tell us.

6. Final Approval
After all revisions have been made, we will wait to hear you say… “APPROVED!

7. Production
Your product is now in the hot seat about to spin around a press!

8. Delivery
Upon completion, you’re welcome to grab your stuff and say hi!

Still have questions?
Call us 316-266-4604
Email us oldtowntshirts@yahoo.com